Hiring an Editor for Polishing Dissertation Proposal

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Writing a dissertation proposal is tedious work which will require a great deal of your time, energy and effort. Your emphasis has to be on the quality of the proposal, structuring your writing and being able to present a convincing argument that you indeed have a valid research question at hand which deserves delving into.

Remember that notwithstanding the strength of your proposal arguments, if it is badly edited or wrongly formatted, you stand to lose out. Your arguments have to be well-written so that you are able to communicate them immediately to the selection committee. In order to ensure that your dissertation reads well, it is a good idea to hire an editor who will polish your dissertation proposal. Contact your university department which might have a list of editors who are available to edit. These commissioned editors are usually familiar with the house style and formatting requirements of the university and usually do a satisfactory job of refining your proposal.

You can also hire an editor on your own, but ensure that the editor is familiar with the writing requirement and style of your university. The editor who usually has an excellent command over the language cleans your copy, and improves grammar and punctuation. Moreover, the editor might also make suggestions for restructuring of your proposal so that the logic and continuity of your arguments is maintained. A good editor will be able to point out inconsistencies and repetitions, recommend or suggest modifications to headings and sub-headings.

Further, the editor will bring to your notice those sentences or paragraphs which are hard to comprehend on account of sentence construction, language etc. The editor helps you in sentence reconstruction and enables you to communicate your ideas in a much better manner. Since professional editors are likely to have worked on numerous such projects, they tend to work rapidly and save you a lot time.

The main idea of hiring an editor is to free up space and time for you to work on your ideas and strength your proposal. You can use the saved time to read up on literature relevant to your field, refining your arguments, thinking about how to make your proposal sound more convincing. You can also spend more time on methodology. Coordinate with your editor, so that he or she can continue working on the newest drafts. Mention your submission deadline to the editor well in advance, so that they can plan work on your dissertation accordingly.

Also if you are unsure about your university rules regarding the hiring of an editor, do consult your colleagues or supervisors regarding the advisability of hiring and editor