What Happens After You Choose Your Topic?

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So you have finally reached the stage of dissertation and have made up your mind about the topic that you will be working on. Obviously you have chosen something that is close to your heart and something that you can study about with ease because eventually you are going to have to explain it by way of your dissertation. So what next after you choose your topic?

Have It Approved: When you have your mind on a topic, all you have to do is to get it approved, but how? You will need to make an introduction or a proposal about your topic. This will give an insight about the problem, the way in which you will study it and the initiatives you may take to resolve the questions raised.

Formulate Your Plan: Think of ways to tackle the topic. Make a list of all the studies that you will embark on, choose the kind of help you will be taking, write down the number of hours you will put in for each f your initiatives. Having a strong plan will save you from getting confused. You will be able to stay focussed on your ideas and it will show in your work.

List out Your Resources: Make a list of strategies for your study and also check your resources. For all you know you may not have to do anything extra at all or you may have to gather a whole lot of resources. However, you will not get a clear picture of what you have to do unless you do a reality check.

Get down to It: Finally get in action and start your journey, everything will become clearer as you go further, but do it with sincerity and passion because that is the only way to achieving success.

When you have a plan and you are clear about all your steps, the journey of dissertation becomes that much easier.