What Are the Qualities of an Effective Abstract?

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An abstract can be said as a condensed version of longer pieces of writing, whose purpose is to highlight or summarize the major points covered. The main purpose of abstract is to describe the content and scope within the work competently in an easy to read format. Abstract is usually written after investigation, once the entire research paper is completed. The main purpose of abstract is to provide quick appraise of applicability and significance of research paper.

Most of the academic works involve use of abstracts to help the reader get the gist of material before digging into the whole thing. It is essential to know about the qualities of an effective abstract, before you start writing.

1. The abstract should stand on its own merits and conveys what the piece is about. It should be easy to read and understand.

2. An effective abstract summarizes the report strictly without adding any new information. The information added in abstract should be drawn directly from the original material without unwarranted extras.

3. It should provide important topics with logical connections. One should not make it a detailed report nor add information from additional source. When composing abstract, you should go through the entire text with the purpose of creating abbreviated version.

4. One should follow the chronological order of the report to help the reader know what he/she can expect from the material. Abstract should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Make a note of objectives, procedures, findings, results and conclusion based on the type of abstract you are planning to write.

Abstract is the heart of indexing system for research that defines the objectives, presents the content and describes the arguments and findings precisely. Sit down and know how your abstract will look like with relevant to original content. Gather the facts needed in abstract writing and present them impeccably to communicate the ideas by using fewer words.