Practical Aspects of Social Science Research

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One of the most pressing issues facing humanities in the current day is the supposed dilemma of practical implementation. It is often argued that social science research has no real life physical or practical application and thus not of much use. However, such arguments are ungrounded and lack depth or understanding of the real value of social sciences. Chanakya Research helps in designing and conducting research for researchers in social science area.

The social sciences ensconce a very broad field of subjects dealing with the arts and the humanities. Research in the social sciences involves a good amount of practical work. This involves study policy briefs, conducting field visits, administering questionnaires, speaking to and interacting with policy makers.

One of the most useful practical aspects of social science research is the ability and the scope to influence policy through your research. For instance, if you are working on a topic related to the state of higher education in India, you research will expose you to bureaucrats and policy makers in the field of education. You will study the issue in depth, read, research, speak to individuals and stakeholders concerned and also seek to convince them of the importance and urgency of your research. In this process, you exercise a certain degree of influence on those you interact with.

To cite another example, if your dissertation is health related, your research will take you to visits of clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries where you will interact with staff, patients and others. This is extremely valuable work in terms of documentation and can serve as legitimate input for policy makers. If you are a political science institution and are doing research on governance and the state of political institutions, you will speak to the common man and woman, local members of parliament and those of legislative assemblies. In this manner, you will get a very good idea of the governance issues involved, and this too can serve as very valuable input for those occupying positions of authority.

One way to make your research have a powerful impact is to disseminate its results extensively. This could be by sharing your findings through social networks. Or you could publish a book, journal article or opinion for the newspapers. In this way, your research is taken note of and it has powerful impact.

One valuable quality of social science research is its ability to measure the tangible. Science is concerned with the tangible, concrete and with what can or cannot be proved. Social science research scores because of its ability to record, process and weight the intangibles through sophisticated research processes. Social science is important for society and growth.

A society purely based on science cannot hope to progress, and is in fact a harmful society because it fails to inculcate the necessary balance and humanity in its people. By focusing on the measurable and the concrete, science misses out on the social aspects. Hence even science-based research is increasingly turning to and incorporating aspects of social science research in order to be relevant, impactful and balanced.