Poster Presentation at Masters Level

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The poster presentation at the master’s dissertation level can take various forms. Occasionally, it is a means to sum up your dissertation, but it can also imply a project in itself- i.e. you may be required to prepare a poster on a certain topic and submit it as part of your Masters Curriculum requirements.

You supervisors can also ask you to prepare a poster midway through your Master’s thesis. This is a good platform and allows you the space to focus and reflect on the progress of your dissertation. It can allow you to carry out an assessment exercise of how you are faring and also set goals and targets accordingly. Further, during your poster presentation, you supervisors will make recommendations, approve and also suggest changes to the trajectory of your research.

The poster presentation project can be a good stock taking exercise. Further, in certain academic institutions the poster presentation is an event for students to showcase their work to future employers. Hence be prepared to showcase your poster to prospective companies and the industry. Since this could be your shot at employment, it is important to give the poster presentation exercise due consideration and thought. If you poster is attractive and offers interesting ideas, you may just land a job interview or even a collaboration.

Even if you have not made much headway into your project or thesis, do not fret. Your poster presentation can also be a means to outline the broad aims of your research project and what you intend to achieve.

A poster by its very nature is supposed to be a brief statement highlighting major and significant points. It is not supposed to be unduly long and meandering. It is supposed to perform the job of crisply summing up. In order to prepare an effect poster presentation, you will need to be familiar with your research, so that you can highlight the main points.

Hence you must make sure that the points you are highlighting are the most significant and pertinent. Also ensure that your poster is neat and attractively designed. It need not be fancy or elaborate, yet it should be eye-catching. Experiment with the font sizes, so that you know which font can be read from a distance. Remember that content is the most important thing- hence if your content is not up to the mark, the layout and design will not help to cover the weakness of content.

Students are usually graded on organization, content and appearance of the poster. You poster should be organized neatly and logically, different points should be connected by logic. The content is important since it is the crux of your presentation and the framework of what you want to communicate. Appearance is the layout and design of the poster, if it is effective/neat etc.

Finally, the student is assessed on their understanding of the topic. This understanding and comprehension is to be communicated through the poster, and should appear immediately evident.