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Dissertations tend to be wordy documents, which are long, verbose and tend to veer towards monotony. Usually, supervisors are assigned to evaluate and monitor a host of dissertations.

If you do not write your dissertation in an interesting manner, it is unlikely your supervisor would be interested in engaging with it. Hence you have to take some time out, before writing your dissertation, to think about you can make it more interesting and engaging. Here are a few tips.

Include graphs and pictorial representations, tables, statistics and attractively coloured pictures, which are relevant. These immediately draw attention and cut out some of the monotony of endless text. Insert charts and boxes with important facts which highlight pertinent information. Your supervisor will appreciate these additional efforts to make your dissertation interesting.

Research is serious business, but can occasionally veer towards being boring. Create small boxes or pop-ups which highlight interesting facts or even trivia about your research. This provides a breather from heavy theoretical explanations and long winding explanations and jargon.

Use simple, elegant language which makes your document readable and accessible. Avoid long convoluted sentences which need repeated reading in order to be understood. Try and avoid flowery language. All supervisors appreciate good English, but do avoid being over the top as far as language goes.

Give bold headings and sub-headings for each topic. Your font size should be big enough and use different colour schemes in order to make more attractive. Supervisors should be able to easily skim through your dissertation and immediately be able to understand the points you are communicating.

A well-structured dissertation is an interesting dissertation. Think about how you want to structure your dissertation. Logic should govern the organization of your dissertation, and the points should flow from one another. The logic should be apparent not just to the writer, but also the readers and the supervisors.

Give context as far as possible. A dissertation minus context and history is an irrelevant dissertation. Do make sure that you are giving the background and the context, else the dissertation becomes uninteresting and obscure.

Economy of language is a good idea in the dissertation. What you can write in one sentence does not merit three sentences. It is a misnomer to think that all worthy dissertations are thick and voluminous. Crisp, short sentences are ideal. Economy of language is always appreciated.

Do not compromise on the content of your dissertation since it is the meat and the backbone of your work. The idea is to increase the value of the content by making it interesting, readable and attractive. Be creative while writing and formatting. Do adhere to the basic rules of writing, but try and innovate and recreate. Your efforts will be appreciated. Prepare a proper summary of your dissertation with the key findings highlighted in a succinct manner.

This might have you spend some more time in the dissertation but will be well worth the time since it will save your supervisor time and energy and will also increase the favourable impression of your work.