How to Write a Thesis Literature Review

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A literature review is provided at the beginning of the study. It is essential that you mention here about the already known details regarding your topic. If you are able to write a good literature review, it means that you have understood your topic well and have clarity regarding the purpose of your study. It is often considered as a very daunting task by even the most able students. Here are some tips on how to write a thesis literature review effectively:

1) Plan and organize: To sift through the long list of resources prepared by you and to search furthermore, you will need an ample amount of time to go through all of them and choose only the best resources for your work. Therefore, it is essential that you make a plan and thus work accordingly so as to avoid losing time unnecessarily.

2) Keep focus: Searching for information is a very broad area, given the amount of unlimited resources present on net and on paper. To avoid getting distracted, define what you are going to read and also define the scope of your literature review. You need to be specific about what information you need and then, stick to it.

3) Take notes: When you have started to write, you have to lay emphasis on quality rather than on quantity. Instead of writing about each and every piece of information you come across, it is important that you write about ideas which you find as crucial and very useful. You have to write about the best and most relevant information which you come across.

4) Analyse the literature found: You must evaluate the resources to check for their accuracy and relevancy. Check the data as to how much relevant it is with your topic. Find out if there are any gaps in the literature that require further study. If yes, how much.

5) Pay heed to regulations: You should make sure to write the literature review as per the university guidelines. Pay attention to details like formatting, layout, editing and other instructions. If you require a second pair of eyes to edit your work flawlessly, it is best to take help from expert editors who are proficient in same. Adhering to them is a must to craft a flawless work and impress your committee board. Not following them sincerely can spoil your efforts.