How to Prepare Defence Proposal of Dissertation

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Dissertation proposal is the first step of dissertation writing and is an important portion of research work. Dissertation proposal will be presented to the advisor for acceptance, and if the advisor does not agree to your dissertation proposal, you need to re-work on it. The below tips help you to prepare a strong defence proposal process –

Build a Solid Foundation

It is essential to build a strong proposal foundation. The readers and committee must be able to understand the table of contents at a glance. It is essential to include a solid set of headings that add up naturally to the proposal. It is better to look at published dissertations and review their table of contents.


Remember that the committee members will read the table of contents in two ways i.e. either from the beginning till the end, or start with the methodology section and proceed backwards. Whatever the way they read, they should be able to grasp the information provided in the defence proposal.

Professor's Point of View

Professors usually work in the role of helpful guidance and they love to encourage students who tackle with new ideas. The best thing you can do is to expect new and substantive criticism when you submit the defense proposal. Accept the comments and reviews positively and be ready to make necessary changes, as suggested by your professor.

Revisions and Comments

There is no control of the way your defence proposal is read. It makes a logical sense to prepare it for both the readers and review committee. Only a few students make defense proposal through comments on how to improve it.

By following the above tips, one can make the defense proposal of their dissertation attractive and effective. It is essential to understand the positive potential of defencse proposal and lookout for those lessons.

An understanding tyo defense proposal and dissertation writing os a key lesson. It takes a lot of courage and strength to revisit the work, and redo them to meet the standards of university. Dissertation writing is not for lazy people and this is where you can prove your strength.