Hiring a Statistical Consultant

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Any good research thesis involves the use of a great deal of numbers and statistics. Most of you will find that dealing with statistics and complex calculations is not easy. Yet you cannot skimp on the use of statistics since it boosts your research finding and makes it credible.

You should also note that deal with statistics is immensely time-consuming. An option that you might want to consider is statistical consulting. It could be extremely arduous to spend weeks or months trying to master statistical tools and methods. If you can avail of effective statistical consulting, consider half your battle won. There are a number of statistical consulting services run by veterans of statistics. They will offer you a decent level of support and generally will remain on call in order to address your queries and doubts.

All research scholars are usually apprehensive of the committee which supervises their progress. A statistical consultation process can considerably help in mitigating your apprehensions. Usually statistical consultations are certified PhDs who have years of experience is providing statistical advice to research scholars. Hence they tend to be well-versed with the ways of various committees and will even help in pre-empting any questions or issues the committee might want to raise.

Statistical calculations can be extremely stressing, especially if you do not have a strong head for maths. If you decide to invest time and energy in trying to learn the statistical formulae and calculations all by yourself, you might risk wasting a great deal of time and energy. You could rather spend the time in reading or writing your research findings. A statistical consultant deals with the statistical requirements of your dissertation and hence it tends to be less trouble, generally. All you have to do is talk to your consultant, and tell them your requirements. Outline your work, the kind of statistical tools which it should incorporate and given them your deadline. Most consultants are professionals and are likely to deliver within your stipulated deadline.

Besides, they work with the latest software and technology and hence can perform statistical calculations much more efficiently and speedily.

Hiring a consultant also has other benefits. For instance, he or she will provide not just statistical advice, but may also be able to offer you tips on your overall research methodology and writing your findings. You could have a consultation on research design as well. The consultants also format dissertations according to the style you want.

Consultancy services do not come cheap- and this is the flipside. You might end up paying a considerable sum to a well-known and reputed statistician consultant. But if this is not an issue, do go ahead and avail of this service since it will make your work a great easier. It will give you the time you need to focus on researching, reading and writing.

But do exercise caution and resist the temptation to outsource the whole of your dissertation to consultancies, since the intellectual output should be yours alone.