Ecological Housing As a Research Topic

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Ecological housing could be a unique topic for research work. A research scholar will find a lot of potential for research in this topic. Ecological housing can be taken for the research work by the students who pursue for higher studies in the subjects of Architecture, Environment and Engineering.

Ecological housing as a research topic opens the doors of research in the following ways:

A student of architect can do research from the perspective of how ecological housing could be beneficial in saving the natural resources. Here the emphasis can be laid on the structure of the house by saving the environment. How the construction of a house can be done by saving the natural resources?

As a student of subject related to environmental issues, the emphasis can be laid on how ecological housing can save our environment. The research work can include the benefits of ecological housing to our environment. How the minimal use of natural resources can save the environment?

As a student of engineering the research can be done in concentrating on the technical side of the construction of ecological house. How to reuse the resources while making the ecological house?

A good research work can be done by choosing the topic of ecological housing. It depends on which perspective a research scholar will do the research under this topic.