Do You Have a Strong Research Design?

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Research design is the blueprint of your research work that you will do in the form of thesis/dissertation. Your research design should be perfect so that your thesis will be right.

You must check out whether your research design is strong enough to get recognition in the following ways:

• While doing research design the first and foremost thing you must check out is the topic. Your whole research work will be based on the topic you have chosen.

• You must check out what are the essential things that you will need to support the topic you have chosen. This could be done in the form of literature review.

• Get clear about the methods of collecting data. There are quantitative and qualitative methods of collecting data. You must choose those methods which are necessary in your research work. With the help of the data analysis, you will justify your research.

• Be precise when you state the sources of information that you are going to use. Your research design must include details of sources you will use and how these sources will give support to your research work.

• In the research design you must clearly mention your objective and how you are going to achieve it in your research work.

A right research design is essential for the perfect research work.