Dissertation Statistics Consultant: When to Hire a Consultant

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Writing a research paper is not all words. You also need to include graphs and statistics, as well as numbers to support and reinforce your arguments.

Not everybody has expertise on statistics. Further, working on statistics can be extremely time-consuming. Hence, unless, you are a pro, it is a good idea to hire a dissertation statistics consultant. Given that increasingly specialized services are available for hire, dissertation statistics consultants are now multiplying manifold. However, if you decide to hire such a consultant, try and get one who has worked on at least one or two projects previously.

While writing your research, you may need to insert graphs, tables, pie-charts, bar graphs etc. at key strategic points. A statistics consultant will be able to advise you very well on the best way to position these graphics. Further, he or she will be able to give you useful pointers of supplementary graphics and will also guide you on how to improve the look of the graphics. Attractive presentation of statistics is always a plus.

Statistical calculations can be stressful and taxing, particularly if mathematics is not your strong point. It is not a good idea to spend too much time attempting to understand and learn statistics formulae. The calculations are often complex, and you could find yourself in a fix. Instead, you could use this time to write your dissertation or enhance your research. A statistical consultant will handle the statistical requirements of your dissertation.

It is important to regularly communicate with your consultant. They need to be informed about your area of research as well as the statistical tools which are to be included in your dissertation. Give the consultant your deadline well in advance, so that they do a good job. Most consultants are professionals and will deliver on time. Further, they use the newest and latest techniques and software with which they are well-versed. Thus they can do the statistical work and calculations much faster and more efficiently.

Hiring a consultant has various advantages. For instance, he or she will not just give you statistical guidance, but may also be able to offer suggestions regarding your overall research methodology and findings.

It is true that hiring a consultant may not be very cheap, especially if you are hiring a professional. However, their rates tend to be competitive since they largely cater to the student community. You can certainly use a part of your fellowship to hire a consultant. It will stand you in good stead.

After the work is done, make sure to have a discussion with your consultant in which you are made to understand the purpose of included graphs and why a certain graph has been positioned at a certain point. This will help while facing the selection committee which evaluates your dissertation. Your consultant should be able to prepare you for any questions or points which may be raised with regard to the statistical component of your dissertation.