Creativity in writing dissertations

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Is there are any scope for being creative while writing dissertations? We would say, yes and no. In fact, your creativity plays a role at the pre documentation stage, where you have to choose the factors that are critical to your research. Creative skills are shown during:

  • Selection of the topic: you must be innovative while choosing a topic and pick one that is unique. You don’t have to follow any set rules for deciding the topic. It will be completely up to your sense of enquiry and interests. The only thing you must consider is the viability of conducting research on the chosen topic.
  • Framing the research questions: when writing the objectives, questions and problems related to the project, you have to be as precise as you can. Use your language skills to the fullest to ensure that there is no ambiguity in these factors.
  • Writing the literature review and discussion chapters: while the literature review has to be drafted in a set manner, you can decide how you want to use and portray various references. You must try to bring out the crux of each literature source and relate it clearly with the current study. Also, while writing the discussion chapter, scholars have a chance to be creative. This is one section where the author can present his/her opinions about the subject and also suggest further scope for research.

The subject that you are pursuing and the nature of research methods also affect the level of creativity that you can show through the report. Here are some reasons why you cannot afford to be very creative while writing an academic document, specially a research report:

  • There are certain rules regarding the structure and layout of the dissertation, which you have to follow
  • Even the language must meet academic standards accepted at your university. Dissertations are written in past tense and a specific tone is used. You cannot use frivolous words or flowery language. Scholarly language, proper terminology and crisp style are recommended.
  • The presentation also has to be as per the guidelines. There are several formatting styles that are followed by colleges across the world. The presentation of figures, charts and images has to be as per the style prescribed. Right from the title page to the bibliography, everything has to be well formatted.

Because all the regulations, there is hardly any scope for being creative when working on a dissertation. You must not let bias or your own opinions creep in during documentation. Remember that it is a serious academic document, intended to prove your research skills to the college committee. There will be other areas where you will get a chance to pour your creativity!