Writing a Dissertation Proposal

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The aim of a dissertation proposal is to convince the selection committee that you dissertation poses a research-worthy question. Further, your proposal should be able to prove that as a researcher, you know how to outline the significance of your research question, are able to set out a plan for gathering and organizing data, have the ability to examine and analyze the gathered materials, and that you will be able to look for research matter which is relevant to your research.

The proposal should also show that you are capable of investigating hypotheses and delivering a robust analysis of your ideas to the academic community.

As you begin writing your proposal, it will help in the clarification of your ideas, assertions and also flesh out your approach to the research question. Do remember that the proposal you are writing should not at any juncture claim that you are familiar with all the literature which is relevant to your dissertation proposal. When you attempt to draft the proposal, structure your writing keeping the following points in mind. What is the issue which you will address, why does it need addressing, why is there a need to address it at all, how will you look for answers and so on and so forth.

Also ensure that you are clearly stating the manner in which the inferences and outcomes flow from the arguments, ideas and assumptions which you have mentioned in the proposal and also ensure that your own work is located in the same field of study. It might help to note that when you craft a research proposal, you are creating something from nothing. In this process, you are supposed to demonstrate your comprehension of a certain issue, read, identify and summarize the related literature and propose your opinion on the research question. You can design your dissertation proposal in the following manner.

The introduction should summarize the broader puzzles, locate your research in a broader field and propose a central research question. In the next part which consists of statement of the problem, you should stipulate what is the issue, the specific questions, outline the background and concept and also elaborate on why the issue is important. In the next stage, develop a conceptual framework, where you try and explain your view of the puzzle, outline the theoretical framework, mention the key constructs and also particular terms you plan to use and how you plan to define them. In the conceptual framework stage, also prepare a rough model for clarity.

In the ensuing stage, you are required to mention your methodology- in other words what are the methods you plan to use and the rationale for using these methods. Further, also mention how these methods are relevant to research proposal. The next section should consist of a bibliography, followed by a section on appendices.

Also provide survey drafts, pilot data and a timeline. Make sure you plan your dissertation proposal properly since this will have a bearing on its acceptance.