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The Capstone Project is mainly an extended term paper which forms its basis on a review of the existing literature and/or fresh research data.

A Capstone Project might pose answers to a query of important, or work on, examine and assess an action, curriculum or protocol with regard to how these function within a certain agency or community. Working on a Capstone Project can also be a long term activity. Scholars should note that working on a Capstone Project is rather different from working on your Master’s theses.

A key difference between a Capstone Project and your Master theses is that the former has to be interdisciplinary and incorporate at least two or more academic disciplines.

While writing Capstone Projects, there are two most commonly used approaches. According to the first approach, the Capstone has to be an extended scholarly paper based on primary or secondary sources. The second approach requires students to work on a more creative plan. For instance, students could write a selection of short stories, a memoir or even poems.

However, in this method, students are also required to substantiate their creative output with a piece which is analytical in nature and which looks at some of the important literature in their field and also outline the manner in which their creative writing is linked with the literature.

Your Capstone Project could also address a need or be of some direct and practical worth for a community or the public. Moreover, the project has to be linked with a concrete activity with a precise endpoint. The activity should yield a certain product which is amenable to description and can be evaluated either formally or by means of reflection.

While writing the Capstone Project, make sure that it is propped up by evidence. Try building on what is already known, that is, which constitutes evidence. You must spend time reading up on the theory in your area , incorporate the experience and findings of others.

The Capstone Project gives space to the student to use skills and experience from general writing. Usually this kind of project writing is done during the last year of a degree course. The student is expected to bring together in one dissertation, all the key aspects of the degree programme. It can also focus more intensively on one or more areas. Usually, students try demonstrative their cumulative learning during their degree through the Capstone Project, thus ‘capping it all’. While writing, students are expected to demonstrate the various skills that they have picked up through the writing of different topics and courses. Nevertheless, the Capstone Project still has to be conceptualised as a problem which students have to solve through their writing; in other words the project should address a certain question which is to be answered by means of the learning that students have gained in their degree.

The requirements for writing a Capstone Project vary from colleges to universities. The curriculum at some institutions might demand such writing, but there are others which do not stipulate such a requirement.