Traditional Topics Vs. Innovation for Thesis

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Writing thesis is an integral part for those who pursue for higher studies in any particular subject. The topic of the thesis defines the research work that a research scholar will do within the duration of the course. The topic of the thesis will depend on the subject chosen by a research scholar. There are various subjects in science, commerce and humanities stream and each subject has its own importance.

When it comes for thesis writing the topics could be both traditional as well as a research scholar can opt for new and innovative topics.

The traditional topics are those where to some extent the research work has already been done. On the other hand the innovative topics could be totally new ones and have not been touched by anyone for the research work. These innovative topics can arise from the current affairs and the new discoveries and inventions that have been occurred in recent times.

There are subjects where a research scholar takes up a particular topic where research work has already been done and continue with the further research within that topic. For example, English Literature and History are those subjects where a research scholar might extend his/her research with the topics on which thesis has already been written. One can take innovative topics for writing thesis in most of the subjects which are professional. For example, Law, Media, Fashion Designing and Engineering are those subjects where innovative topics can be taken for the research work.

Both the traditional and innovative topics get chosen by the research scholars depending upon their area of interest.