Top 10 Inventions

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Human beings are perpetually wondering how to reconstruct and improve their lives in a variety of ways. Necessity is the mother of invention, and scientists and creators are constantly working on new inventions and creations.

A vast range of inventions have revolutionized the ways in which human beings live in the current context. It is difficult to name 10 of the most important inventions, but here is an indicative list.

Electricity- Can you imagine life without electricity? Without air conditioners, lights and fans? Discovered by Thomas Alva Edison, it is one of the single most important revolutions of our times. Electricity has greatly enhanced the quality of human life and happiness. Electricity resulted in a number of spin-off inventions.

Television- TV revolutionized the way people chose to share knowledge and information. A source of knowledge, entertainment and recreation, TV became a window to the society and world at large for millions of people. Starting from humble black and white images, to sophisticated digital colour images, TV is here to stay despite the internet revolution

Radio- The radio has managed to hold its own despite the obsession with videos and Live television. Hundreds, or even thousands of people tune in to the radio to listen to the news or music while on the move or at their homes.

Internet- The internet revolution has been massive and has changed forever, the way people communicate and share information. In several discourses, internet access is now a human right. The internet is also a source for money and finance. Internet has also popularised the ‘work from home’ concept.

Cooling devices- Imagine your life without refrigerators and air-conditioners. Impossible? These inventions helped humans lead a more comfortable life and are now considered a necessity in all homes.

Automobiles- Cars have effected a radical transformation in the manner in which people travel. Most people aspire to have a car, and many urban families living in cities have two or even three cars. Cars have taken the place of old-fashioned horse carriages and bullock carts and are regarded as an efficient way to travel. Buses, trains, metros etc. have all led to the ease and convenience of transport

Solar devices- With increasing worries about pollution, inventors are exploring environmentally sustainable means of energy conservation. Solar devices use the sun to trap energy and are energy-inefficient and are also classified as clean energy. These mark a change from the polluting devices which are frequently used

Photography- Capturing images and preserving a particular moment for posterity. Nobody would have thought it possible but cameras and photography have further improved the ways we communicate.

Cooking gas: Primitive man and woman made fire by rubbing stones together. Now fire is automatically produced through gas and has greatly eased cooking and other procedures

Airplanes- Human beings have always wanted to fly. The Wright Brother gave wings to these dreams when they invented the airplane.

There have been a number of inventions which have revolutionized the manner in which people live, these inventions continue unabated. Research translates dreams to possibilities and commercial products. Start investing your time in research (Thesis or Dissertation) today.