Questions by Students for Supervisors

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Your thesis advisor/supervisor is an important factor in deciding how and when you will complete the thesis writing work. He or she should have cordial and professional relationship with pupils. The supervisor is a very integral part of the thesis; hence he or she should be respected. Here are some questions you must ask your advisor, so your work goes smoothly according to plans.

1. What are the interest of the advisor do they match what I want to research?
2. What are the expectations of the college in terms of performance and grading?
3. How many hours will I have to put in every week?
4. When can I meet you and how many times a month do I report?
5. What expertise do you offer? Will you be able to help me procure grants?
6. Will I be funded or should I seek external sources?
7. How do I have to report; through e-mail, call, conference or meeting and how often?
8. If I have a crisis how should one go about to resolve the crisis, and the steps to solve the problem?
9. What will the timelines be from start to end of the research project taken up?
10. Am I fit to be your pupil? What improvements are needed in me to excel?