Practical Aspects of Doing Social Science Research

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Social science research has many practical aspects. The effort can be very simple, like doing a statistical analysis of the social make up of a region. Or it can be a rather complex manipulation of data from various sources for multiple variables; for example in a study of healthcare problems of an entire state’s population.

Other studies include casework, behavior studies, client servicing studies, effect of change in strategies of an organization, market research, and marketing strategy. There is a whole gambit of types of studies that can be done in the social realm. The research in all of these types of applications first involves making a hypothesis. Then a sampling and design of the study is constituted. It is then followed up by collection of the much needed data by a method in the design. The data is collected and verified, cleaned and then put through a series of analytical test and statistics to give some results. The results are then interpreted with the data and hand and comparison. The final results are tabulated; a paper or presentation is made. The results of the study are ready for release in the public domain. The research and results may result in some social implication depending on what was studied and its results. This is the practice of social science research in a nutshell.