Phd in Public Health As a Boost to Your Medical Career

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Italic textHealth is one of the few fields in this age of multi-specializations which requires concentrated focus and attention. Health practitioners are usually individuals who have been involved in the sciences from their high school days and go on to study medicine for several years. Medical Dissertations is a brand new service offering help in life sciences, biotechnology and pharma related research.

Many students complete their medical degrees and go on to become doctors almost immediately thereafter. However, there are a few students who study beyond the mandatory medical degree and get into highly specialized research. This number is certainly limited, since students are eager to become doctors and health practitioners as soon as possible.

However, if you are academically inclined and wish to specialize through study, a PhD degree is a good idea, even if you are considering a professional medical career thereafter. For instance, if you want to be involved in the field of public health, you could consider writing your dissertation in an area of public health.

The advantages of such an exercise would be manifold. Firstly, there is a serious shortage of public health professionals, considering that students are gravitating towards specialities and super specialities such as dermatology and surgery. Hence if you pursue an advanced research degree in public health, you automatically gain an edge in your field.

As a PhD student concentrating on public health, you would be closely examining various issues relating to your field. You will undertake extensive field visits, interact with individuals who are part of your sample studies, conduct interviews, administer questionnaires and prepare reports. Thus it means that you gather a great deal of information and knowledge about public health.

Moreover, you will also engage with the ethical concerns in public health and have a good theoretical understanding too. At the PhD level, you are expected to conduct solid research on your area of research and are expected to develop a sophisticated body of knowledge based on extensive literature reviews and studies. Hence , your knowledge of public health will be intensive and exceptional.

This will stand you in very good stead when you set out to make a career in public health. You are likely to stand out among your competitors as well. Employers prefer candidates who know their area of application very well and also have some experience to go with it. If you already have experience in the public health sector, along with a PhD in the same area, your chances of employment increase manifold. However, even if you do not have work experience, the PhD in public health is still going to count in your favour.

Even if you do not have a medical background, a PhD in the area is still useful, even if you do want a medical career later on. Medical employers are always on the lookout for persons who have specialized knowledge and skills. In this case, your PhD is evidence of your expertise and skills in the area of public health and will hence come in good use.