Perfect Format for a Dissertation Proposal

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For many scholars who have taken up a master’s course, writing a dissertation proposal is the first stint with detailed academic writing. They may face problems on many accounts, as they will have to follow a number of rules, which will be completely new to them. Writing in proper academic language, finding and analysing scholarly literature references, drawing up a research design and presenting the proposal in front of the committee are some vital aspects. It is essential to know the format that scholars are supposed to follow for the proposal. Here’s what constitutes a good proposal:

  • Title Page: The proposal should start with a title or cover page, where you will state the title of research. If necessary, there will be a sub title as well. This page will also have the name of researcher and the guide, name of college and date of submission.
  • Abstract: This is a succinct summary of the research document and highlights the main points of the proposal. The abstract will justify the reason for taking up the study and emphasise its importance.
  • Introduction: In this chapter, you will introduce the research, mentioning the problems that you will tackle.
  • Research Questions: The problem statement or research questions are clearly stated here. These will be closely linked to the objective of the research and must have valid solutions at the end of the study.
  • Literature Review: A research work must be conducted after a thorough study of relevant resources and the ideas which have been expressed earlier. Provide a complete list of works that you will refer to during the project, stating briefly the relation they have with the present research.
  • Research Methodology: The methodology for research, as well as methods which you have chosen for collection of data must be identified, along with the reason for choosing them. You must also mention the tools that will be used for analysis of data.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion, you will state the probability of finding the solutions and scope for further research on the topic.
  • Timeline for Completion: Before approving the proposal and assigning resources, the review committee will want to know the time that you will take for completing the research work. This aspect has to be carefully considered, taking into account exigencies and problems.

By following this format, students will be able to prepare a satisfactory proposal with a perfect structure. The format will ensure that decent amount of ground work has been done beforehand and will establish the preparedness and ability of the researcher.