PAPA Model of Research

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PAPA model is very beneficial in understanding the guidelines on practical research. It helps in explaining four types of research: Pure, applied, policy and action. These are explained as below:

Pure research: Pure research is also known as curiosity driven research. This is because the researcher is seeking knowledge for a particular subject field. The focus of pure research is only on the scientific outcomes. Its aim is to diversify the knowledge and to help scientists discover new things. This type of research is mainly driven by curiosity. This is because every now and then, various scientists are reading about different articles in their subject field that leads them to discovery of new thoughts and ideas. It also leads to generating methodology. It leads to a better understanding of the fundamental concepts. Many-a-times, it has also generated scientific breakthroughs.

Applied research: Applied research involves the practical application of science. It deals only with topics that have a practical utility but does not involve a particular way of implementing the results in mind. Also, knowledge is searched here with specific criteria in mind. It is basically used to find solutions for everyday problems and develop some new technologies along the way. It generally employs empirical methodologies. Applied research can be used by anyone who wants answers to his/her questions. It will help you answer a specific question and gain inputs along with it.

Policy research: Policy research is for those who want to make decisions based on practical issues of interest. It involves strict adherence to a given time frame and is assigned only to research teams that possess advanced skills and a good experience. Experience matters a lot here as skipping deadlines is not accepted here and experienced researchers take less time to complete tasks.

Action research: Action research is a systematic and disciplined process of inquiry in any given social situation. It focuses on making direct improvements through working on some particular activities. It’s used in extensively in new projects to determine their success or failure. Action research is undertaken by many large organizations to improve upon their strategies along with the guidance of experience researchers. It also helps them improve their practices and environment.

All of them have their own different place in science.