Juggling Between Work and a Dissertation

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When one is juggling time between the writing of a dissertation and work to earn livelihood it is a difficult time. It is best you budget so many hours a day doing the dissertation and the rest for work to earn a living. This way you will be able to do both. It takes strict discipline to do this. It is not easy as when one get involved in work you may forget time going by.

Another golden option is to make your research part of your work. If you can select a topic which requires data from workplace, it can be done while you are in office. It will save you a lot of time and efforts. Or you may opt for research in a college that pays you to do the work. That way you will be earning and researching at the same time. These options look good, but depend on the grants available with your supervisor and type of research dissertation you are doing.

The budget time option is the most common to come by. After dedicating a few hours to you dissertation per week you will get a cumulative work effort that is rewarding and complete at the end of it you will have completed your dissertation without disturbing work.