How to Deal With Dissertation Stress

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Do you feel uninspired to carry out your research work? Do you feel burdened by the work load? Do you think you have chosen the wrong line? Or worse, do you doubt yourself? While completing your research, you will obviously face stress due to a lot of complexities involved within it. But what is important is to control it and not let it get to you. Here is how you should deal with dissertation stress the right way:

1) Be in regular touch with your supervisor: Communicating with your supervisor on a constant note can help you a great deal. Not only do you get to find out your mistakes and correct them on a timely basis, but you also get to share your problems with them. Your supervisor might have something beneficial to offer you to help you cope up with the burden. You can also be aware of your progress level by being in a regular touch with them.

2) Make health a priority: Sure dissertation is a time consuming and energy eating process. But it is no excuse to neglect your health. Being in a good frame of health will ensure that you are energized and motivated towards your goal. On the contrary, poor health will only contribute to your stress and lower your productivity. Find any exercise which you enjoy and make it a point to do it at least five times a week.

3) Plan a schedule: After you have prepared an outline for your dissertation, make a schedule. You can fix dates for completion of chapters according to them. This will ensure a systematic work from your side. You are less prone to skipping deadlines then and thereby, avoid unnecessary problems. However, keep it flexible if you face writer’s block or some unavoidable situation.

4) Take out time to unwind: When there is too much going on around you, the brain can hardly concentrate even on one thing. Further, it might just be on the verge to explode. It is necessary to take out time for yourself every once in a while to relax. You might find it as wastage of time but it will only help you clear your mind from all worries and negativity. You will be able to concentrate in a much better manner.