Finding Funding for Dissertation Proposal

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To get funding for your research proposal, you need to also be prepared to separately write a research grant proposal.

You obviously have to prepare a very persuasive case in order for your proposal to be accepted by the authorities. Firstly, when you write your grant proposal, lay it out simply and lucidly. Do not try to be verbose, also make sure your language is elegant, precise and steers away from convoluted details. You must be able to immediately make your point to your reviewer. Remember that yours is not the only proposal which is being considered for funding. And often, grant proposals are read in a rush. Hence prepare a proposal which is simple, but at the same time, compelling as well. But also make sure you know your subject very well, because your grant proposal will also be analyzed by an expert, who will analyze your proposal for its depth of understanding.

Before sending it across to the funding agencies, have it read by as many people as possible. Colleagues, friends, partners, teachers, juniors- it is important to get in as much feedback as possible so that you will know what the weak points of the proposal are. Here is a useful tip: the first page of your proposal should be able to succinctly summarize your grant proposal. The later pages can develop on the ideas mentioned in the first page in more detail.

Other than this, your proposal must match up to certain criteria, failing which your proposal will be likely rejected. The criteria are as follows: does your research proposal address a problem which is properly formulated and is it indeed a genuine research problem which requires to be solved. Does this problem require special and separate funding or will regular resources such as public libraries suffice. Further, the proposal must explicate on the idea sufficiently to be able to convince the reader that the idea do have some substance. Do not simply provide a list of things you wish to do, make sure you are able to back it up by providing feasible suggestions for how these things can be accomplished and how granting can you achieve these goals. Your proposal should further be able to state the expected results and the manner of their evaluation. Further, you also have to explain how to measure the success of the research. Make sure you are up to date with work others have done on the same area and mention this in your proposal. If you have a good track record in terms of good research and publication, you will have an edge. However, as a young researcher, your lack of publications will not automatically disqualify you.

There are a number of agencies you can approach for funding, depending on your area of specialization. Certainly make a note to approach your university as well your department, research institutions, and other organizations who will have an interest in your line of work and will see the benefits of your proposed research.