Balancing a Job and Dissertation Writing

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A research student has to grapple with a number of difficult situations. One of the thorniest issues for research students is usually the matter of how to juggle a job and also write their research dissertation at the same time.

Admittedly, this is a tricky situation and it requires certain skills and astute time management to handle this kind of a scenario. Academic research while intellectually rewarding in its own way, is not enough to pay your bills. The stipend you get for your research is usually just about enough to take care of your daily miscellaneous expenses, but usually not beyond. Further, students pursuing academic research are usually in their mid-twenties or older. This means that they have reached an age where they would like to have a decent income.

In such a situation, most students look for jobs, either part-time, and for the really brave—full time jobs. However, handling jobs along with your dissertation is not a simple matter. It requires a great deal of discipline, focus and hard work. It will require you to cut down on your social life to a drastic extent. Mostly, you will have to lead a life where you work and study. You must commit to a job in a realistic manner. Do not commit hours in a manner that leaves you tired and unable to do anything else. Writing an academic dissertation requires a great deal of patience and time.

Choose your job in a manner that, at least one half of the day is available to you do your academic research and writing. Mostly, this means taking on a part time job. A part time job allows you the flexibility to work and earn at the same time. If possible, be frank with your employer and let them know that you are also pursuing an academic degree. Also keep your research supervisor in the loop. This will help you to get essential support in tight moments. Consult with your seniors and colleagues and see what they are doing about jobs. Perhaps, you can try and get a job which allows you to work from home. In this way, you save on time getting ready and commuting. You further save on fuel and other costs which are incurred in doing a job which is outside your home.

A full time job is usually a very demanding one, requiring a great deal of your time and energy. You may not be able to justice to your academic research in such a scenario. While some students do take on full time jobs on well, usually they are in for a hard and stressful time. Thus the best way to work and study is usually a part time job.

Besides, having a job provides you a breather from the isolation of your academic dissertation writing, puts you in touch with people who may be related to your field of work and also make you feel productive. Not to mention, you also earn enough to at least be comfortable. Hence, it is advisable to work and study simultaneously.