A Questionnaire That No One Can Question

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Creating a right questionnaire is very important as it is one of the methods of collecting data. Research scholars make questionnaire to collect data that they are going to use in the thesis/dissertation work. It is important that the questionnaire should be created in a right way.

Following points to keep in mind while preparing a questionnaire:

• One of the most important things while making questionnaire is the questions that you create should be appropriate to the topic you have chosen. A right questionnaire can only be made if its purpose is clear to the interviewer.

• A questionnaire mostly contains objective type questions. The questions could be in the form of Yes/No, Multiple choice, Close ended. In open ended type of questions the target audience (interviewee) can give feedback in their own words. It is important to create questions according to the area that you have chosen. The interviewee must also know the purpose of the questionnaire before giving the feedback.

• The language of questions should be according to the literacy level of the target audience, otherwise it will not be possible to gather a right feedback. The target audience must understand the questions in a questionnaire.

• While creating a questionnaire it is important to decide the number of questions to include in it. The questions sequence should be right and logical.

A questionnaire is one of the vital methods of collecting data. It should be created in a right way to gather right feedback.