A Flawless Literature Review

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Literature review is a crucial component of any research thesis. It is indispensable to the research process, and you need to devote enough time and thought to how you will write the literature review.

To submit a standout literature review, you must be aware of the rationale behind the literature review. When you write a research piece, a great deal is based on work already done by others. To ensure that your literature review is good, choose a topic on which sufficient data exists and which has some work already done on it. Literature review basically implies performing a broad reading of the work that exists on your research topic. The idea of the literature review is to show that you are familiar with the work in your area.

It is impossible to read every word written on your area of research interest, but you must have an idea of the important works. In your literature review, it is not enough to just cite works, but also mention the key ideas in these works and how these are relevant to your research. You may cite particular authors if their ideas have helped your research. Similarly, you can also critique a certain work if you feel that its ideas are misleading or redundant.

Do not make the mistake of writing the literature review section after a considerable portion of your research is already done. In research, you have to follow a structured procedure in which you are expected to follow certain steps in a particular order.

Literature review should ideally occur fairly early in your research journey. Moreover, you have to set aside a considerable amount of time to your literature review, so that you can acquaint yourself with the main works in your area. Literature review includes books and journals, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures etc. You can also refer to web sources and web-based journals.

The main idea of the literature review is to show that you are familiar with important work which has already been done in your area of research. The literature review is also a means to show how your ideas are different from previous research on the same subject. An extensive literature review shows that the researcher has done her due diligence. It is necessary for you to include a comprehensive literature review to also avoid the charge of plagiarism. You may think of an idea and claim it to be your own. However, if this idea has already been mentioned and researched in the past, then you must know about it and give due credit to the researcher.

As a scholar who is devoting considerable time and energy into a research area, you would like your work to produce something original. Hence, to come up with original ideas you must read as extensively as possibly, so that you have a sound knowledge of the work that has been done in your area. By devoting enough time and energy on your literature review, you increase the overall quality of your dissertation