APA Vs. Harvard - The Formatting Nuances

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APA and Harvard are two of the most popular citation styles that research scholars follow, while preparing their dissertation or research papers. Both the referencing styles are quite similar, as both are based on ‘Name and Date’ systems. However, there are a few formatting differences, which researchers and translators must take care of –

1. Nomination – The nomination of the list of citations, mentions, and references given at the end of the document or research paper is different. In APA style of citation, it is termed as ‘References’, while in Harvard style, it is nominated as ‘Reference List’.

2. An edited document in the APA style will be written as ‘(Ed[s].)’ and in Harvard style it will be written as ‘ed[s]’.

3. If one has to give reference of a book, without giving the name of the author – in APA style, it will be “Title of the Book. (Edition). (Year of Publication). (Place of Publication). (Publishing House).” – And in the Harvard style of citation, it will be written as “Title of the Book, Year of publication, Publishing House, Place of Publication.”

4. In APA referencing style, there are two spaces after every completed sentence. This is not a common practice of Harvard style of citation.